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The Josephus Lodge

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The lodge stands on a sunlit slope, imposing yet welcoming. This historical building has been “revitalised” with artist and designer Walter Thaler, bringing to light its pleasant patina. The original materials have been fully respected to “perfect” the character of the house, such as in the original structure of the walls, sides, etc. Seasoned woods, including larch and pine, have been used in the barn to cover the floors, walls and stairs, giving the environment that typical scent. The furniture has been restored and modified – refreshed without totally renovation. Black MDF contrasts with the original elements. The traditional forms, such as the table to roll out pasta or the trunks, have been reinterpreted and transformed into functional pieces of furniture. For the rest, well-defined shapes and light effects unite with the original elements, a simplicity that gives guests a sense of tranquillity. The bathrooms have been deliberately positioned as ultra-dimensional pieces. Come and enjoy the stunning views and a relaxing break in this refined environment, reduced to the essentials.

Josephus - Alpine Lodge & Apartments | Madonna 42, I-39020 Senales | T. +39 335 348299 | E-Mail | VAT Nr.: IT 02735850212

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