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Cookies are small encrypted text files, which are downloaded from your internet browser when you visit a website. If you access the same page again using the same device, the cookie is sent back to the website or to a different website to which it belongs. The website therefore recognises that the web page has already been viewed using this browser, and is able to improve the user’s browsing experience when the page is viewed again. For example, cookies remember user preferences and adapt the offers displayed to the user’s personal needs and interests. Depending on their function and purpose, cookies are divided into various categories:

Technical Cookies

These cookies are stored on the user’s device only during the current session and are designed to ensure that the website can be used correctly. Analytical cookies, used to collect access statistics, are considered technical cookies. They collect general information without identifying the user.

Profile Cookies

These cookies are used to track the user’s browsing behaviour, including their preferences, habits, etc.. In this way the user can be sent advertising messages tied to the products previously viewed or similar to these.

Third-party Cookies

These are cookies of other websites. Below you will find links and more detailed information about third-party cookies.

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Which cookies are used on this website?

Technical Cookies

Current local session cookies are used and stored on this site to track the user’s browsing behaviour.

Profile Cookies

We don’t use any profile cookies on this website.

Third-party Cookies

The following third-party cookies are used on this website: by clicking on the links below, you will find more detailed information about third-party cookies.

How to disable cookies

Standards on the protection of personal information require the user being able to disable cookies that are already installed. The links below contain explanations on how to disable the use of cookies in the various browsers.

If a browser other than those listed above is used, it is possible to deactivate the use of cookies by following the instructions in the help menu of the relative browser (insert the word "cookie" in the search menu). The user can therefore disable and/or cancel cookies from the relative settings in their browser, and disable and/or cancel single non "technical" cookies installed by third parties by accessing the website managed by European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) at the web address:

Our apartments

All the apartments in our refuge are different from one another; each has unique Tyrolean charm and tells a story of its own.

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Min: 10° / 16°
Max: 21° / 27°
Di. 25.06.24
Min: 10° / 17°
Max: 22° / 30°
Mi. 26.06.24
Min: 11° / 18°
Max: 24° / 31°
Do. 27.06.24

“The past is history, the future is a secret, and every moment is a gift.”

Ina Deter

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