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Sustainabily built holiday apartments in the Ötztal Alps, South Tyrol

The modernisation of the holiday apartments in the Josephus lodge focused on maintaining the nature of Val Senales and old values

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We have continued a family tradition – in Val Senales, South Tyrol, for centuries – whilst constantly looking to the future. The genuineness of the unspoiled nature of Val Senales and the Ötztal Alps in South Tyrol, and its source of strength are the values we want to pass on the guests of our lodge. It is a world that deserves to be preserved and this is why we are aware of the importance of environmental impact and sustainability in our holiday apartments.

.This is reflected in the conservation of antique furniture and scented woods in the apartments, in the choice of traditional South Tyrol materials and in the geothermal heating system conversion in all the holiday apartments. We exclusively worked with local craftsmen from South Tyrol during the renovation of the lodge.

Our apartments

All the apartments in our refuge are different from one another; each has unique Tyrolean charm and tells a story of its own.

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“The past is history, the future is a secret, and every moment is a gift.”

Ina Deter

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