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Our apartments are a starting point for ski tours and adventure in the Ötztal Alps of South Tyrol

Tour paradise by ski in Val Senales, South Tyrol

Since mountaineering first started, South Tyrol’s Val Senales and the Ötztal Alps have been a paradise location for skiers in Europe, because in no other valley can you find so many three-thousand metre mountains without steep slopes. And all this can be enjoyed until the end of May.

Possible destinations for your ski tour:

• Weißkugel - Palla Bianca - 3.739 m

• Similaun - 3.606 m

• Saldurspitze - Punta Saldura - 3.435 m

• Finailspitze - Punta di Finale - 3.519 m - Place of discovery Ötzi the Iceman

• Schwemserspitze - Punta di Oberettes - 3.456 m

Our apartments

All the apartments in our refuge are different from one another; each has unique Tyrolean charm and tells a story of its own.

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“The past is history, the future is a secret, and every moment is a gift.”

Ina Deter

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